Sci Fi Weapons: Futuristic Energy Weapon Effects

Get your laser pistols and plasma rifles ready for 4k energy weapon effects

Our sci fi weapons effects will make your editing your science fiction films a breeze. If you want immersive laser gun action, check out Hyper Projector’s energy weapons now. The pack includes 20 unique energy weapon assets in 4k resolution.

  • Features:
  • 20 Energy Weapon Effects
  • Pre-keyed
  • 4k Resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Front, Profile, & 45 degree Angles
  • Audio Paired with Every Effect
  • 32 bit color

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Sci Fi Weapons Effects

What is the Sci Fi Weapons Pack?

The Sci Fi Weapons pack is a collection of energy weapon muzzle flash effects that you can add to your films. We made these lasers as easy to use as possible. If you’re a creative sotry teller that isn’t the best in visual effect, then you do not want to waste your time creating a custom sci fi weapon in after effects. Speed up your editing and effect process by using some of our pre-made effects!

Pre-Keyed Perfection

The effects are pre-keyed, so all you need to do when you want to use one is drag it and drop in over your footage. If you are unfamiliar with keying, it means the background is transparent. You don’t have to worry about any green screening. Just drop the energy weapon effect over your footage.

4k Resolution

Every sci fi weapon effect is in 4k ultra high resolution with 32 bit color space.

Multiple Perspectives

We try our best to provide effects that will work for most situations. Because of that we created our laser effects in front, profile, and 45 degree angles.

Paired Audio

Each laser asset includes a futuristic energy weapon sound effect along with the laser blast effect.

How to Use a Energy Weapon Effects

Import a the energy weapon effect asset into your editor. Make sure it is the best angle (front, profile, or 45 degree) that will work with your footage and place it over your shot. After that, tweak your position settings to match your gun and adjust the size according to how big you want the effect to be. To make the effect really blend with your footage, change the blending more to screen.

Want more?

If you like real gunfire effects, check out our 4k Gun Play muzzle flash packages. These effects were created from video captures of live gunfire.