pre-keyed muzzle flash packs for download

4k Gunplay: Pre-Keyed Muzzle Flash Packs

Muzzle Flashes in 4k Resolution

Our realistic, pre-keyed muzzle flash effects will make your action hit harder. If you want impressive gunfights, check out Hyper Projector’s 4k Gunplay packages. They include hundreds of 4k muzzle flashes shot with real ammunition.

  • Features:
  • 150+ assets
  • Pre-keyed
  • 4k Resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Front, Side, 45 degree, and Rear Angles
  • Audio Paired with Every Effect
  • Flashes with Muzzle Smoke
  • Flashes with Sparks
  • 9mm and .45 ACP calibers

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4k Muzzle Flashes

What is 4k Gunplay?

4k Gunplay is a collection of pre-eyed muzzle flashes in ultra high definition. We are offering complete effects packages as well as packs comprised of separate components that make up muzzle flash effects. That includes sound effects, muzzle smoke, muzzle sparks. Everything is available at low prices. For the best deal, download the comprehensive collection and get every pack at a steep discount.

Free Muzzle Flashes

Pre-Keyed Perfection

Pre-keyed muzzle flashes are the easiest way to add gun fire to your footage.  By pre-keyed, it means the background is transparent. No green screening is required. All you have to do drop an asset over your footage.

4k Resolution

Ever muzzle flashes was shot, edited, and rendered in 4k ultra high definition. The flashes were captured in Prores 444 with a log color space.


Multiple Perspectives

It’s important to match a flash effect’s perspective with how the weapon is angled.  Because of that, we offer standard front and profile muzzle flashes as well as  45 degree and rear angles. Broadly speaking, these ensure all the bases are reasonable covered. Until now, you could really only find decent profile and front muzzle flashes. Now, you can have 4k muzzle flashes in every angle.

Paired Audio

Each action asset includes a gunshot sound effect paired with the muzzle flash effect.

Muzzle Flashes with Sparks

For even more variety, we offer 4k muzzle flashes that include sparks. These sparks are actually gunpowder that burns after leaving the barrel of the gun, and it occurs in real life. Since we like keeping it real, we had to include these in the packages. Like standard flashes, each muzzle flash spark asset includes a version with a flash, sparks, and a sound effect and a version with a flash, sparks, smoke, and sound effect.

Real Muzzle Flash Effects – real ammo

Every muzzle flash is real. Nothing was computer generated. For the front muzzle flashes, we did have to use blanks, which are still real fire. The just have no projectiles.

Muzzle Smoke included

Every unique muzzle flash comes with a standard version (a pre-keyed muzzle flash with a paired gun shot sound effect) and an alternative version, which includes muzzle smoke as well.

How Did We Make these Muzzle Flash Effects?

These are real muzzle flashes. We hung a backdrop, loaded guns with real ammunition, shot them, and filmed the flashes. Recording resolution was 4k (3840 by 2160) shot in a log format to offer a wide color gamut to work with. Raw footage of the muzzle flares was color graded and cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop. Assets were brought into After Effects for keying (i.e. they were green screened). Finally, they were rendered as pre-keyed assets in After Effects.

How to Use a Muzzle Flash

Import the assets into your editor. Select one and place it over your footage. Adjust the position and scale to match your gun. The flash lasts one frame, so you don’t have to worry about tracking. You can leave the muzzle flash as is, or change the blend mode to screen to it blends better with the picture. These are super easy to use, so you don’t have to waste your time worrying about how to make muzzle flashes in after effects. Believe me, I’ve tried, and fake After Effects flares look cheap and cartoonish. If you want killer, realistic gunplay, these are the effects for you.

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