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4k Fire Stock Footage

Heat things up in your scene with pre-keyed fire footage

Fire stock footage will liven up any scene. Whether you want to burn your house down or have a quick flame effect, we have the video effects you need. Our pack includes 50 pre-keyed elements that you can add to a composition quickly and easily. You simple place the asset over top of the footage you want to turn ablaze.

    • Features:
    • 50 Assets
    • Pre-Keyed
    • 4k resoluton (3840×2160)
    • Fire bursts and ground fire
    • Real fire, not computer generated

4k fire effect product packaging


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What is the Complete 4k Fire Collection?

The package is a collection of 50 short video clips of fire.  It includes quick fire bursts, standard fire, like ground fire and fire on water, and burning materials. All clips are pre-key, meaning they have already been “green screened.” Well, technically though, we never did any fire green screen. We used a black screen and did a luma key.

How to Add a Flame Asset to Your Footage

Simply place an element over your footage and select the blend or overlay mode to screen. It’s that easy!

Royalty Free Stock Video

Once you purchase an asset from us, it’s yours to use forever. You can use it in anything.  Whether its used in a high-end commercial or an epic Hollywood production, and  you will  never need to pay royalties. We only ask that you do not resell our stock footage.

Best Use

These flame clips look best when placed over backgrounds. Structure and standard fire assets, when used in the right situations, could make things appear to be set on fire. The flame bursts can work well as abstract effects or as muzzle flashes of sorts. Perhaps you could use them as muzzle flashes or the base muzzle flashes for energy weapons. But you are the creative, we’ll leave the it up to you!

Where There’s Smoke

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The 4k fire collection is an excellent compliment to our 4K Smoke Overlay pack. Like all the products we offer, there are free samples to try out.