4k smoke overlay footage for download

Real Smoke Overlay for Your Videos

The right smoke overlay can introduce some mystique to your film. Whether you want to build atmosphere or use smoke footage as part of a greater effect, there is an asset for you in our 4k smoke pack.

  • Features:
  • 50 Clips
  • 4k Resolution (3840 by 2160)
  • Real Footage
  • Pre-keyed
  • 24fps
  • Royalty Free

Buy Complete Collection

Free Smoke Footage

We want you to know exactly what you are getting, so we offed a package that includes a short sample of each clip in premium collection. These free samples are usually 4-6 seconds long. We also have free downloads for a couple full clips.

4k Smoke Overlay

Real Pre Keyed Smoke

All smoke clips are pre keyed and ready to overly on your footage. If you are not familiar with the concept of an asset being pre keyed, think of it as green screen footage with the green screen already removed. Every asset is real smoke captured in 4k, nothing is a computer animation. Assets were filmed at and play at standard 24 fps.

Royalty Free

Once you purchase an asset from us, its yours to use forever. You never need to pay royalties.

Where there is smoke

There’s fire. Check our 4K Fire Pack to pair with our smoke.

Best Use

This smoke can be used in a various capacities, but take note that the clips can be fairly transparent, seeming subtle or fog-like. They appear best against darker backgrounds. We would advise using assets as abstract smoke or elements that make up greater overall effects. We would not advise using these assets for something like smoke emanating from a burning building. But hey, we haven’t tried it, and maybe it can work in the right hands.

How to Add Smoke

Just import the 4k clips into your video editor then drag an asset over your footage. Because items are pre-keyed, you will not have to do any green screen chroma keying.


Depending on what you purchased, downloads may take some time. Some of our footage is up there in file size (it comes with the territory of 4k resolution) To make downloads quicker, we zipped multiple files using 7zip and ultra-zip mode. As a result, files are significantly smaller for download and no quality is lost. You will need to unzip files before use though.

Secure Checkout

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