Get Cinematic Color with DJI LUTs

Give your Mavic & Inspire footage some cinematic flair with our DJI LUTs. These color grading tools turn flat, camera-original footage into color-graded looks. We offer over 50 LUTS, which provide an array of moods. Finding the perfect look yo your film has never been easier. Check out some of the looks below. We even offer several for free.

Every look was created with usability in mind. As a results, they were designed to work in a variety of lighting conditions. We also created several general LUTS to help in specific situations. For instance, “green screen boost” makes greens pop,¬† allowing for easier chroma keying. Similarly, there is a “skin tones boost” LUT for making skin tones a little prettier. We also offer some time of day look options, such as “dramatic night” which makes nighttime footage, well, more dramatic. Additionally, looks like “dusk”, “warm morning”, and “day for night” help achieve particular time-of-day looks.

If you are wondering what LUTs are, read up on them here: What is a LUT? You can also learn about Rec709 and color space with his article:  What is color space?

  • Features:
  • 3D Color
  • Footage Integrity Maintained
  • Subtle Yet Powerful Look Creation
  • Great to Pair with Film Grain

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Free LUTs


LUT Examples
3-Strip Technicolor  LUT
War Torn LUT
Nature Lover LUT