Luts for Your Films


Get Cinematic Color with Film LUTs

3D LUTs, which most people just call LUTs, are the fast, easy way to make your footage look flashy. Hyper Projector’s LUTs are designed to give you the most spectacular image possible. Whether you need a starting point for a color grade or want to be at your destination quicker, our LUTs will get you there.

Our LUTs are camera designed for specific camera brands. We offer looks custom-tailored for: Canon, Panasonic,  Sony, Blackmagic, DJI, and GoPro.

  • Features:
  • 3D Color
  • Footage Integrity Maintained
  • Subtle Yet Powerful Look Creation
  • Great to Pair with Film Grain

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What is a LUT?

LUT is an acronym that stands for Look Up Table. In short, a LUT is a mathematical formula that does a conversion. The things a video LUT converts are luma, color, and saturation levels of footage. Basically, a LUT looks at the input values for all three and modifies them in a pre-determined way. It paints the image a certain way depending on what you have provided. All this “mathematical painting” happens inside your editing system, so you don’t really have to worry about it. That’s why we love LUTs, they do the boring mathematical stuff, so we con focus on the creative side.

LUTs can be used in most editing software, such as Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, and more. They can also be applied to any footage. Professional cameras from companies like Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, Panasonic, and RED have cameras that shoot in ideal picture formats for applying luts.

Why Would You Use a LUT?

Filmmakers use LUTs in post to affect the looks of their films. LUTs can be used for simple color correction, like matching footage from different cameras or for applying stylistic looks. They can also be used as preview settings for field monitors during shooting.

During the color grading process, you can use color grading LUTs to any degree you wish. They can start you off in the direction of a look or be the final destination. It is really up to the filmmaker and the level of involvement they wish to have in the color-grading process.

It is important to note that LUTs are not a magic bullet fix to footage, so if you have mismatched or generally damaged footage, you will have to do some color correction to make all your shots look right.

What is the Definition of a 3D LUT?

A 3D Lut is a complex matrix that looks at values in a three-dimensional way. It pulls information from a sphere of color choices. In contrast, a 1D LUT pulls from a straight line.

Why is a LUT important?

3D LUTs are the most complex and robust way to apply looks. Additionally, they are dynamic.They change along with footage whenever the images on screen change. 1D LUTs, on the other hand, apply constant, static looks.

Film Emulation

If you’re attempting film emulation, then check out our film grain collections. Using LUTs and grain in conjunction adds incredible sophistication to your footage.