Hyper Projector

Powerful 4k Filmmaking Assets

Hyper Projector offers an array of products to make your films look better. Whether you want an aesthetic enhancement or need effects to make your action pop, we have the film making tools for you. Everything is easy to download and easier use.

If you like stylistic visuals, check out our 3D film LUTs. If film emulation is your goal, then you will love film grain, which is made to pair with our film emulation LUTs. We also offer pre-keyed effects. Action filmmakers will love our real muzzle flashes. There’s also pre-keyed fire to heat things up.  If you want to add some atmosphere to your video, download some of our smoke overlays.

In addition to making films look better, we aim to make them sound better too. We have collected the best royalty free music available and created easy-to-download compilation packs.

We offer large all-in-one packs for public domain and creative commons music. If that’s too much music, we also offer specialized backs based on what you may be using the music for.If you want background instrumental music for a podcast or commercial you are creating, then you might be interested in our corporate music pack. For classic cinematic music, we offer collections of music for horror, comedy, action, drama, fantasy, and trailers.

We offer free samples of all of our products. This way you can test out what you are interested in without an obligation to buy it first. Check out what we have to offer by going to a product page and finding the free downloads section.

We make your films look better.